3-D Galleries

Awards Announced for 3-D Gallery

Steve Carboni – for Mixed Media work “Moon Lit”

Jeanne Cardana – for Colored Pencil Work “Perhaps One More”

Laura Koppes – for Acrylic work “Ground Beneath My Feet” 

Elaine Swyt – for Photography work “Thorny Haven”


We are very happy to present our entries for the 3-D Galleries.  This is an amazing collection of beautiful art hung in the closest we can get to our live experience at the Charbonneau Festival of the Arts gallery.  We hope you enjoy.

Please noteOn mobile devices, you will need to load the Exhibbit app. If you exit the app, you can return to this page in your browser windowAlso for ease of viewing, on mobile, all 3D artist galleries in the Charbonneau Festival of the Arts can be viewed in the same session by clicking on “current exhibitions” tab.