Project Description

Adam Corona

Artist — West Linn, Oregon

My pieces are an expression of human emotion collaborating with nature and how we are all connected through the same algorithmic yet chaotic path of the universe. I present this through abstract shapes. I cannot over think about what I am creating as the the work turns out incorrectly. But if I embrace my subconsciousness, take in the events going on in the world around me and let the emotion flow along with the marker. It ends up taking me to where I am most afraid to let go, and from that, my creations take form and soar. Only in the crevices, in the unknown, can we grasp any truth to what surrounds us all. Life has broken me and mended me into something I thought I could never bring to reality. An idea of release through the lines and color of the never ending ups and downs of life, have saved me. Art is the savior of all lost souls. We create so we can finally take a deep breath and never forget why we love. – Adam J. Corona

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