Project Description

Angela Wrahtz

Mixed Media / Water Media Artist — Tualatin, Oregon

“I’m a mixed media/water media artist who paints primarily in watercolors and experiments with patterns and textures by incorporating pen and ink, marbling, and/or collage. Acrylic marbling is a technique I use in a unique way to re-present ordinary subjects in an extraordinary light. Color is important to me along with point of view, occasional allegory, and whimsical twists. As you might guess, my artwork is looser and expressive than realistic, but details are important and freedom to be imaginative with them. You might wonder why I choose to emphasize one thing over another, and that is a conversation I hope to create along with the art. My aim is to poke your heart and make you feel something (preferably positive) or remind you of a moment in your life, or take you back to a place you loved.”

Angela is an award-winning artist who lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. Her principal medium is mixed media watercolor painting. She has won numerous top awards at juried competitive art shows.

Angela is mostly a self-taught artist who has worked throughout her life to develop her own distinct methods and style. She earned a B.A. fro


  • Best of Show, “Floral Laughter,” Keizer Arts Watercolor Art Show, September 2019
  • Sixth Place, “Eye Mind,” Watercolor Society of Oregon, Spring 2019 Experimental Show, April 2019

Contact Phone:

(808) 351-2401