Project Description

Ann Mackiernan

Glass Artist – Beaverton, Oregon

I have always felt the need to create. Whether I was drawing, painting, sculpting with metal or clay, the creative urge has been second nature to me since childhood.

But nothing has inspired me more creatively than working with glass.

For me, fused glass is a medium that provides an inexhaustible source of creative possibilities through the combination of colors, textures and techniques. The translucent nature of glass acts as a host for an infinite palette of colors. Glass also possesses a truly magical characteristic – it is iridescent. Every day light-play can enhance a finished piece simply by adding an ethereal, glistening beauty that is not seen in other mediums.
My designs are inspired by patterns and colors and objects that I see around me every day. Playfulness and whimsy are always a subtext in my work whether I make jewelry, decorative wall art or personalized clocks. The process I use is primarily additive: I fuse layer upon layer or piece-to-piece of selected material in order to create a unique and fun work of art.

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Member- Artistic Portland Gallery
Member- Salem Bush Barn Art Center

Artwork at Show 2022