Project Description

Carlyne Lynch

Glass Artist – Wilsonville, Oregon

I grew up in the Industrial Ceramic Industry in California. My father developed clay slip and porcelain formulas for industrial use. Corning fell in love with his formula as did doll-makers. I learned to make glazes from glass and various mediums and took classes at Corning where I was not only the only kid, but I was also the only women. I am back to my original roots and opening a kiln again and seeing what comes out is like Christmas on a weekly basis. My only regret is that my father could see me now, he would be so proud!

I combine torch work, vitrigraph, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create 5-9 layer pieces. I still do some bead work but lately I have been making more elements to embed in glass. I have a vitrigraph kiln and create much of my own cane. A vitrigraph kiln is used for the process of heating glass in a small receptacle and allowing the glass to flow out of the bottom of a pot through the bottom of the kiln. Once the glass heats to molten, it can be pulled and manipulated or twisted into unique patterns. It is a great way to create interesting embellishments to incorporate into traditional glass fusing techniques. I am also one of the regions few torch workers active in the Portland area.

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Artwork at Show 2022


Best Emerging New Artist 1918 Glass Expo Las Vegas
3rd Place award in PNW Glass Guild Lampworking Event
3rd Place award in PNW Glass Guild Fused Glass Event


Artistic Portland Galler
PNW Glass Guild Featured Artist (March)
Gather of the Guilds Portland, Oregon