Project Description

Carlyne Lynch

Glass Artist — Wilsonville, Oregon

I grew up in the Industrial Ceramic Industry in California. My father developed clay slip and porcelain formulas for industrial use. Corning fell in love with his formula as did doll-makers. I learned to make glazes from glass and various mediums and took classes where I was not only the only kid, I was the only women. I am back to my original roots and opening a kiln again and seeing what comes out is like Christmas on a weekly basis. My only regret is that my father could see me now, he would be so proud!

I combine torch work, glass powder, glass pieces, and glass paint to create 5-9 layer pieces. I still do some bead work but lately I have been making more elements to embed in glass. I do extensive custom work and I am well known for my flower beads and “duck” beads, as I am a diehard Oregon Duck alumni. I have a vitrigraph kiln and create much of my own cane.

For my fused work, I will often start with photos. I use several layered techniques and I am always surprised when the kill opens. Working with glass is fun and challenging and also allows me to harness my abundance of energy in a creative way.

Upcoming Shows

Oregon Glass Guild Open Studios: November 14th & 15th (depending on pandemic)


  • Glass Craft & Beand Expo: 2018: Best Emerging Artist
  • Cover and Featured in French Prairie Living Magazine 2018
  • 2020 PNW Glass Guild: 3rd place in Hot Glass (torch work)
  • 2020 PNW Glass Guild: 3rd place in Jewelry2019 Coachella Watercolor Society “Best Painting by an Emerging Artist” award

Contact Phone:

(503) 784-2277