Project Description

Carrie Gilbert

West Linn, Oregon

Carrie Clegg Gilbert works as a mixed media artist out of her home in West Linn, OR, where she lives with her husband, two sons, and a well-intentioned but horribly behaved terrier. She loves exploring new techniques and mediums and views her work as a series of experiments. Carrie creates layers of texture and color through painting, printmaking, and collage, each layer informing the others through juxtaposed images or materials. She uses collaged elements to contribute information to the final image – such as a visual or textual clipping from a found source – or simply to build up the image’s textural or tactile qualities.

Through her art, Carrie examines our complex relationship with the natural world around us. As humans, we at once treasure nature’s beauty, exploit its resources, and attempt to contain the elements we deem undesirable. She explores these contradictions through her creative process, which relies on a mix of planning and serendipity, and her choice of medium, which juxtaposes plastic-based acrylics with a “zero-waste” ethic of employing found and re-purposed materials.


“Closing the Distance” virtual exhibition: Best printmaking award, Portland Community College (June 2020)


Contact Phone:

(503) 432-0102