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Charlie Hyman

Photography – Sherwood, Oregon

I’ve been taking pictures since I was about 7 years old, starting out with a simple box camera and B&W film. I still have the first picture I ever took, of my sister and our dog Rusty. Photography seems to be part of my DNA–I’ve always had a camera nearby and I am passionate about taking pictures.

Photography has enhanced my awareness of my environment. I am captivated by interesting light, patterns, contrasts, and shapes, making me much more observant of and connected to the world around me, noticing details that might otherwise be overlooked.

My first love is landscape photography, and the vast majority of my photographs are of natural areas and subjects. My wife, Karen, and I spend a lot of time in our camper exploring the parks and wild lands of the West. We are fortunate to live so close to such diverse and spectacularly beautiful natural areas. In photographing these places and sharing my work, I hope to instill in others a sense of awe and a desire to protect these special places.

I recently retired from teaching Photography at Wilsonville High School, which has given me time to continue to explore my art.

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Artwork at Show 2022


“Dimensions” at Chehalem Cultural Center, June-July 2021
“Going Home” virtual exhibit, Wilsonville Arts and Culture Council, Feb 2022