Project Description

David Dahlquist

Ceramic Artist – Wilsonville, Oregon

For years I have said to myself “you should be a potter”. Instead I entered my family business. But, my passion for clay never left me and I continued throwing pots at night for fun. I read everything that I could on creating pottery with a focus on form and function. I maintained membership with Oregon Potters Association and studied ceramics at PCC while pushing my skills and accumulating studio equipment. Throughout the years my happiest hours have been in my home studio creating and pushing my skills. While working in my family business I was able to participate in several OPA Ceramic Showcases, Portland Saturday Market and some art fairs. Participating in these events encouraged me to search for my own unique voice with clay.

In 2020 I left the corporate world to become a full time potter. My pottery forms are inspired by architecture. The profile of my forms is my foundation, look for opportunities for either curvature or straight edges which are relevant. I like to highlight my medium by showing its plastic qualities on top on this foundation. I use thickened slip to create flowing loose lines, manipulate rims and use sprigs to decorate my surfaces. I test and make all of my glazes that help highlight my surface designs.


OPA Showcase, NW Ceramics Holiday Pop Up, Art on The Green Coeur d’Alene, Id. Co-op Member at Artistic Portland Gallery.

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