Project Description

Gary Blumenthal

Gary’s Wood Creations – Oregon City, Oregon

Fine wood working has always been a joy for me over the decades. Even though there are over 1,000 designated trees in the world I work with local and exotic woods that are more common and locally available. It has become an artistic challenge and blessing to highlight the natural wood colors in order to display the appealing beauty of the unique grains of different woods into different combined, sometimes multiple, and hidden patterns creating an eye appealing beauty.

I use no wood stains letting the natural wood colors along with my craftsmanship to display a creation of its own beauty. My desire is to create not only pieces of art that are pleasing to the eye but also to have each piece to be of practical use as well.

All proceeds from the sale of my wood creations goes into my short-term volunteer travel fund which enables me to travel to various countries and remote villages to do new construction and needed renovations for needs such as: a local hospital, building housing for those afflicted with leprosy, to build classrooms for village schools and complete other projects as needed.


  • Open Studios of Beavercreek – October
  • Harvest Moon Art Festival, Boring, OR – November
  • Holiday Art Show, Oregon City, OR – December

Contact Phone:

(503) 841-3456