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Harriet Goglin

Wilsonville, Oregon

As you can see, my oil paintings feature a wide range of subjects. Something catches my eye in the right light–a landscape, a vase with pomegranates, an interesting animal with a glint in its eye–and it seems almost magical. I immediately want to try to paint what I am seeing. I began my love of art as a child surrounded by family artists and discovered my attraction to oils at The Art Institute of Chicago. This was followed by a Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin, and a Master of Science, University of Oregon. I headed the Art Department at Canby High School for 16 years, teaching oil, water color, staging, and set design.. As Vice Principal, I am proud to have played a major role in the development of the 800-seat Canby Fine Arts Center.

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I was honored to be recognized by First Lady Nancy Reagan for my contributions to art. My works have appeared in the Lawrence Gallery,the Charbonneau Festival of the Arts, and other venues.


Contact Phone:

(503) 266-3219