Project Description

Jaci Presley

Illustrator & Painter — Oregon City, Oregon

I am a self-taught illustrator/painter specializing in small anthropomorphic paintings. I was born and raised in the American West with much exposure to wildlife and insects. I have lived in the State of Oregon for 43 years, 31 0f which have been in the Oregon City area. I garden, paint, and dabble in sculpture, Five years ago I discovered the joy of painting the stories in my head on small canvases. I work with acrylics and gouache. My art reflects my love of life, wildlife, and insects. My studio name comes from a healing moment after the loss of my mother in 1995 when she gifted me two crow feathers while I was hiking with my family.


Upcoming Shows

Charbonneau Virtual Arts Festival 2020

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Contact Phone:

(503) 901-9799