Project Description

Jane Millager

Woodworking & Jewelry Artist — Aloha, Oregon

Woodworking and jewelry – Jane Millager is a wood worker with many years of experience. The work is accomplished by her hands alone, no laser cutting, no CNC machining and no employees or contractors. Her Cherokee heritage and love of nature can be seen in the intricate southwestern style scroll saw designs. Her uniquely hand crafted contemporary jewelry has been inspired by her desire to honor the natural world and has been sold to individuals from around the world. She has developed a unique process of working with small highly detailed pieces of hardwood veneers. The laminated and scroll saw designed jewelry contains pieces of native and imported hardwoods. Any exotics used are purchased from established legal sources. Very thin pieces of precision cut woods are laminated together. Some designs are cross grain laminated for strength and cut on the scroll saw. Bowls and boxes are laminated, turned on the lathe, then the wood is sanded and hand finished. She applies a minimum of three coats of an oil finish modified with a urethane to bring out the wood’s natural beauty and to build durability. The finish is non toxic and the process by which it


Contact Phone:

(503) 524-9819