Project Description

Jay Gordon

Botanical Artist –Ashland, Oregon

The Botanicals series developed out of a love of the natural beauty of flowers and a fascination with powerful design. Using my own flower photography for reference material, each image was developed using classical principles of design, and then combined with experimental techniques that merge representational painting with abstraction, lending a creative charge to the deliberate design of each piece. I love the process of incorporating the elements of design, scale and experimentation into my work, and my hope with the Botanicals series is to communicate the playground of my own imagination to the viewer.


  • February 2022: Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Seattle, Washington
  • March 2022: Solo exhibition at the Deschutes Gallery, Medford, Oregon
  • March-April 2022: Group exhibition at the Rogue Gallery, Medford, Oregon
  • April 2022: Best of the Northwest Spring Show, Seattle, Washington
  • May-June 2022: Solo Exhibition, Pangea, Ashland, Oregon
  • July 2022: Salem Art Fair, Salem, Oregon
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