Project Description

Jeff Gracz

Vancouver, Washington

Artist Statement

A journey through the chaos of the natural world, in hopes of restoring order within the confines of the rectangle. Striving to create that elusive perfect image, while spending some quality time with the greater powers that be.

Process Statement:

Abstract studies of the natural world are created by available light and a variety of creative techniques including: purposeful camera movement, multiple exposure, long exposure and use of specialty lenses. Images are infused onto prepared aluminum panels using a dye sublimation process. These archival quality pieces of fine art are radiant and luminous with great depth.


Born and raised in upstate NY. Has lived in the US Virgin Islands, California and Oregon. Currently lives in Salmon Creek, WA with his wife, a 105 lb chocolate lab and a kitty. 30+ years of self-taught experience working with a variety of camera forms, from 35 film, to 4×5 view cameras to digital.

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Contact Phone:

(503) 381-5817