Project Description

Katherine Hover

Textile Art — Dayton, Oregon

A passion for the color and texture of beautiful textiles was genetically programmed into my being by my mother and grandmother, both of whom were exceptional seamstresses. It was only natural that I too would learn at a young age to stitch and create with textiles. I source vintage remnants to make wearable art, wall hangings, and other decorative objects. The qualities of vintage fabrics lend a depth and heritage to these pieces, which carry a story within their fibres. I love to embellish surfaces with antique buttons, embroidery, quilting,and kanzashi. Similar to origami, kanzashi is the Japanese technique of fabric manipulation to produce a three dimensional design. I also employ the techniques of shibori dyeing and fabric painting to create unique fabrics which lend themselves to all manner of expressive applications. Every project becomes a convergence of memories, emotion, color and textures.

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Contact Phone:

(541) 507-7758