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Katherine Hover

Textile Artist – Dayton, Oregon

I am a textile artist specializing in wearable art garments, accessories, and fiber collages. My work is created from salvaged or repurposed textiles, vintage textiles, papers, and leathers. I incorporate embellishments such as hand embroidery, beading, buttons, painting, kanzashi, and shibori dye treatments. Being made of reclaimed materials, my pieces display a distinct character and patina. Each one carries a history with it. It is so very gratifying to bypass the landfill and extend the life of what would have been discarded textiles, instead fashioning them into items of enduring utility. Every project becomes a convergence of memories, emotion, of art and living.


2021 Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council/Call to Artist – Virtual Exhibit


Honorable Mention at Fair Exhibits

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