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Kitana Connelly

Artist — Beaverton, Oregon

I am Kitana Marie, an Oregon born Native American, gamer, creative, and an expanding spiritualist. I am learning to create the life I desire through my artwork and the lessons I have to overcome along the way. I am also an animal lover, traveler, and working towards self improvement on a daily basis. I believe every person deserves to make a living out of their biggest passion and I strive to add to that collective.

I create energy based abstract statements. A majority of my work begins on a canvas, wood, or yupo paper and is designed through color, positive space, and intention. I maintain a wide variety of sizes, colors, and themes to be all inclusive of the passionate energies I channel. I also strive for diversity in my inventory to range from affordable but impactful, to luxury, one of a kind pieces.

Hayu Masi.


Insomnia (Beaverton) artist of the month showcasing all of July 2022.


Insomnia artist of the month for July 2022
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