Project Description

Kristine Kordell

Artist – Portland, Oregon

When I was discharged from the Army, I decided to stay in the Northwest instead of moving back home to MD. I needed to explore life here. And it was great, at first.

I wound up in Portland, where OCAC was a studio dream. I never felt more myself and built so much momentum. My niche became painted landscapes, inspired by the city, its people, and the land itself. After college, my work grew more colorful and unexpected, at times using photo-collages or drone footage for reference. Having a new perspective was one of my favorite things. I also became really involved with printmaking as well.
But lately I’ve witnessed a troublesome shift.

First was an election, then riots, then a pandemic, then more riots. Now the streets are filthy and I hear gunshots at least once a week. The landscape around me is no longer the same and my art is shifting too.

So, while I paint my way through this with my next body of work, I want to share my favorite pieces to remember and celebrate the good times by.

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Presidential scholarship at Oregon College of Art and Craft 2013-2015


Gresham Art Festival, summer 2022

Artwork at Show 2022