Project Description

Linda Hansen

Textile Artist — Beaverton, Oregon

I create soft, lightweight women’s accessories from recycled garments.

It all started because I didn’t like the feel of jewelry on my skin, so I created flower pins for myself. A year later, Tootsie La Rue Creations was born.
I love designing each unique piece and I particularly enjoy hand sewing as compared to machine. For five years I sold my magnetic flower brooches in Oregon and Arizona with great success – but I only had one product to share. I needed a better idea for women who wanted to wear scarves but couldn’t put it together.

I created Tootsie Wraps – a wired wrap that could be worn as a headband (pain free) or scarf (that keeps its shape). And they are now my most popular item. I still wanted women to have more soft neckwear choices. My answer was the kNOT Menswear Collection — necklaces, collars, and “the Boyfriend” — all made from men’s shirts – a feminine twist on a masculine classic.

I’ve always been a recycler who sees “the possibilities”. Now I create beauty from discards, travel to art shows, and meet hundreds of amazing women – all because I didn’t like the feel of jewelry.


Contact Phone:

(503) 649-4308