Project Description

Loren Wilson

Woodworking Artist — Beaverton, Oregon

Working with my hands has always been enjoyable. Although a professional in another field, creating with wood was how I decompressed from the job. I was lucky enough to spend 40 years in Hawaii, collecting rare woods or backyard trees for milling, and creating decorative and functional pieces from them such as lamps, boxes, humidors, frames, urns, chests, small tables as well as a few art objects, and baby cradles for my grandchildren. Upon retirement to Oregon and building a woodshop, I continue fabricating with wood, branching further out into art and functional pieces while taking advantage of the amazing textures of wood grains and colors to emphasize design, if you want to commission a particular piece, please feel free to contact me for a collaborative design process.


  • 2011 Hawaii’s Woodshow
  • Roger G. Skolmen Award
  • Recognizing the best use of lesser-known, Hawaiian-grown woods.

Contact Phone:

(808) 351-2401