Project Description

Lucy Davenport

Sculpture — Portland, Oregon

Upon viewing a museum collection of bonsai several years ago, I had an epiphany– I literally “heard” the voices of the trees, a kind of “singing” or vibration that changed my awareness. With tears and a shaking feeling in my heart I realized I had found “home” as an artist. Gradually I have amassed a collection of my own styling experiments, which led to forming a nursery and an art business selling bonsai and teaching the art form to those who feel a passion for this expression using nature as a palette.. My work is held in private collections throughout the country and I provide styling expertise for a number of local collectors. The care and maintenance of bonsai specimens for optimal health is an underserved area.

I am currently creating a teaching studio at my home to further promote this artistic medium locally.


All shows for 2020 have been cancelled, with the exception of Fall Best of the Northwest (Seattle). I have shown previously at a number of juried art festivals throughout the pacific Northwest, including Portland Open Studios, a showcase of local talent in a multitude of media. promoting the art of bonsai is an ongoing process of educating the arts community and the wider community of art lovers to the aesthetics and techniques of creating original works of bonsai art.


American Bonsai Society Joshua Roth Award 2016 finalist.


Contact Phone:

(503) 720-3113