Project Description

Margie Rieff

Glass Artist — Fairview, Oregon

Think of curves, nature, gardens, and color. I enjoy making whimsical, imaginative pieces where I feel like I am five years old. My journey with fused glass has been fun, exceptional, mind bending, and also enriched by instructors and the Oregon Glass Guild.

The glass is heated in a kiln so it melts together. The pieces are either “tac fused” with texture (heated to 1,350°F), “full fused” completely melted (to 1480°F), and possibly slumped to make a functional item (1150°F).
Living in the Northwest, the hot bed of glass, I explored functional items, fusing, slumping, sand painting, hot glass manipulation, roll ups, air brushing, painting, penning, shading, sgraffito (removal of glass powder), and batik (carving in powder).

I am often surprised with my completed glass that I have used my mother’s color palate. My mother, a professionally trained artist, crafted collages from her etchings and prints similar to the depth of fused glass.
My work has been exhibited at: Infusion, Lorang, and Ryan Galleries, and in the juried Gresham Arts Show: Chromatics.

In this time of food insecurity and the pandemic, I plan on contributing my proceeds to the Oregon Food Bank.


Contact Phone:

(503) 358-2551