Project Description

Margie Rieff

The Story Behind the Art: “Hurricane”

During the COVID-19 crisis, I made a glass piece especially for the Isolation Art Contest inspired by the WPA, sponsored by the Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts. CCAC “.teaches the traditional crafts used during the WPA Era and in the construction of Timberline Lodge.” Just like the WPA, their mission is to keep the arts going in times of crisis.

Since glass was used in the making of Timberline Lodge, I tried to make some thing that would reflect the stress of the pandemic. My emotions were up and down. Sometimes, I felt lonely, confined, isolated , depressed, and horrified at what was happening in our country. The current state of affairs paralleled the times under Roosevelt.. Other times, I was content in my “bubble”, grateful for shelter, food, and health care and walking with friends wearing masks and social distancing. I felt like I was in a hurricane going closer and closer to the eye of the storm. Of course, the Hurricane was a challenge. Here is the piece that was inspired..