Project Description

Tamara Scott

The Story Behind the Art: “Resurrection”

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was quite anxious and depressed. I am a healthcare worker and continued to work–risking exposure every day. My daughter was a senior in high school and missing the end of her senior year with her friends and her beloved teachers. My mom, 81, lives with us and I worried every day about potentially bringing home the virus that would likely take her life if she got it. It was a dark time for me. Easter was coming and I was just not feeling hopeful.

I am also a creator, so I finally mustered up enough energy to get to my art table and create something that would reflect how I was feeling. I started with the very dark soil at the bottom of the painting, not knowing what the final image was going to be. The act of creating brought with it more hope and longing for the day we would all be able to move about freely again. The lilies are growing out of the darkness and into the hope of Easter—new life.