Project Description

Sandy Spear

Jewelry Artist — Seattle, Washington

I have been an artist all my life. A graphic designer and potter for many years, I discovered glass bead-making about 10 years ago, and began to make jewelry to highlight the beads. I participate in a few local juried art shows.

I make lampwork beads, one at a time, by melting rods of colored glass over a torch. The designs are made with thin “stringers” of glass in contrasting colors, ground colored glass (frit), silver leaf, fine silver wire, or small slices of patterned glass (murrini). Using my beads, I then make one-of-a-kind wearable art jewelry. I highlight the beads in simple but stunning jewelry settings. My jewelry has a style that is recognizable, and features bold, distinctively graphic designs. Each piece has a unique personality. I do not make the same pieces over and over, as I am always learning and practicing new techniques and color combinations. I strive for technical perfection and design cohesion in my work. Materials, in addition to the glass beads, include mainly silver, and occasionally onyx, glass, crystal or wood accents, spacers and clasps. I also make glass mobiles, a new challenge!

Upcoming Shows

Northwest Art Alliance Holiday showcase 2020 (similar to Best of the Northwest)


Contact Phone:

(206) 898-4685