Project Description

Sherry Hastings

Artist — Portland, Oregon

A celebration of Motherhood
Mothers and daughters, young and old, should be celebrated. We work, we strive, we plan, we teach, we abide, we stumble, we suffer, we power on. Those moments often get over looked. Our everyday lives are filled with many invisible moments of greatness. The character lives within those days, years and decades.

Historically in art, painters have connected women with flowers to represent new life, the reproductive cycle and certain phases in a woman’s life. White flowers meant purity and virginity while blue were more about sadness. Today, flowers remain central to many of our rituals and celebrations though much like the female experience itself, the symbolism is often overlooked.

I use Floriology (the language of flowers) to celebrate women. I bring the symbolism of each flower to the story of the subject. My work is an examination of the female that highlights character, values, and how I see individual women and everyday triumphs of their lives. Just as the water lily crawls from the mud through murky water, rising to the surface where it blossoms in the sunlight, my subjects also struggle and prevail.

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