Project Description

Susan Schenk

Artist – Wilsonville, Oregon

My art is how I capture a sense of wonder and mystery. By making this art, I explore the connection between my physical self and my higher self. I am inspired by artists who capture that moment and energy when forces converge. My intention is to convey the power and tension where divergent energies meet and eventually resolve themselves.

My goal is to create art which inspires…in the literal sense of finding the spirit within and to breathe in the divine. My interests in anthropology, cartography, geology, astronomy and archaeology wield their influence and show up in my art.

I’m exploring how to communicate visually beyond representational imagery and words. Maps, asemic writing, cave paintings and symbols find their way into my mixed media works. The themes nudge us to puzzle a bit, and invite us to plot our own path through the mysteriousness. In treasure map tradition, these works are full of symbols, hints and warnings, as well as hidden landmarks, codes, and directions known only to the map maker.

I invite you to step into a richer, more spiritual place for some moments, to shake off the mundane, predictable and even tedious. My private intention is to be swept up in beauty and awe and I invite you to also simply wonder, let go and immerse yourself. Stand in my treasure hunter’s shoes and discover what secrets and feelings these clues evoke for you. You can get lost, pluck out a sparking gem and find your way out again safely.

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I was the people’s choice winner during the last show, and sold all of my pieces.

Artwork at Show 2022