Project Description

Tamara Scott

Mixed Media Artist – Oregon City, Oregon

The smell of the salty sea air, the wind through my hair, the warmth of the sand on my feet…..the beach is where I feel the most at peace. In Hawaii while swimming with sea turtles, I was struck by their slow movements and the peacefulness they embodied. I perceive the vastness of the world at the edge of the ocean and time stands still. When I am creating, I also experience a sense of peace and time stands still. I make art about happiness and resilience because in my career as a pediatric oncology/palliative care nurse practitioner, I have witnessed immense sadness as well as human resilience. Even amidst the sadness, there is brightness. Bright and cheerful are words to describe my art. I’m an unconventional painter who uses acrylic paint and other mediums, but my favorite tool is paper. In spite of all of the sadness I have witnessed, I’ve always been able to see the brightness in the world. My work explores themes of hope and healing with imagery of ocean creatures, positive affirmations, and mantras with an overall message to create more lightness in the world.

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Pandemic Art Award at the 37th Charbonneau Festival of the Arts-October 2020.


  • Three Rivers Artist Guild Holiday Show & Sale-Dec 2021
  • Three Rivers Artist Guild Spring Fling-May 2021
  • Damascus Open Studios-May 2021
  • ICHS Wrestling Spring Bazaar-April 2022

Artwork at Show 2022