Project Description

Vona Adams-Lawrence

Oregon City, Oregon

My art journey began as a child in Nevada’s high desert and has blossomed in the lush greenery of western Oregon. Nature has given me a feast for the eyes in shifting colors, lights and patterns. I try to capture those elements in my paintings, relying on realistic interpretations to help my subjects tell their stories.

Just as nature presents changing views, my artwork has been through several changes, too. As a high school student, I was not encouraged to follow my leanings towards art, but became “self-taught” as I pursued unrelated careers. Once in Oregon, I was fortunate to find excellent teachers who helped me develop my skills in oils, acrylics and watercolor.

Though my painting subjects are diverse, each has a backstory of personal significance.


I am currently showing in the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce and will be showing in the Three Rivers Gallery starting September 2ne thru October 30th.


I received five ribbons for my paintings at the 2019 Clackamas County Fair and another at the North Clackamas Arts Guild Show.


Contact Phone:

(503) 914-7622

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